Jared Slawski


I spend my free time making things that occupy other peoples' free time.
Everything here is available for free to download or play online. Enjoy!

Zynga Poker

Popular online poker game for mobile and web

Beautifully Unambiguous Long-Lasting Effervescent Tournament: Humongous Explosions Locked and Loaded

2-player competitive bullet hell game


Platformer about love, loss, and happiness

Serial Dater

a speed dating game from hell

Shader Shenanigans

Various experiments conducted while learning shaders


2d multiplayer battle-arena game

Metroid Redux

Classic metroid, reverse-engineered with bonus content


physics-based music generation toy


2d puzzle-platformer with constantly changing character avatars

Fridge Fling

educational game about projectile physics

In Memoriam

An archive of games and prototypes that didn't quite make the cut.