Jared Slawski


I spend my free time making things that occupy other peoples' free time.
Everything here is available for free to download or play online. Enjoy!
Find me on Twitter! @ColeSlawGames

Zynga Poker

Popular online poker game for mobile and web

Beautifully Unambiguous Long-Lasting Effervescent Tournament: Humongous Explosions Locked and Loaded

2-player competitive bullet hell game


Platformer about love, loss, and happiness

Knit Worth

Fast-Paced Action game in granny’s head

Serial Dater

a speed dating game from hell

Shader Shenanigans

Various experiments conducted while learning shaders

Fridge Fling

educational game about projectile physics


physics-based music generation toy


2d multiplayer battle-arena game

Metroid Redux

Classic metroid, reverse-engineered with bonus content

The Graveyard

An archive of games and prototypes that didn't quite make the cut.