Orbitunes is a free-form, physics-based music generation toy.

Launch asteroids around a dense star and put them into orbit. Your space rocks have some unusual reactions to the mysterious star, causing them to glow and emit sound. Experiment with different asteroids and orbit patterns to create your own music!

No actual goal or objective, just slingshot asteroids to your heart's content!

Originally developed over a weekend in less than 48 hours for Ludum Dare 38, Orbitunes was an experimental venture into realm of "games with no objective," drawing heavy inspiration from the Electroplankton series. The game managed to take 7th in the Audio category, and 12 in Innovation, out of over 1000 entries.

Despite the main focus of the game revolving around audio (pun slightly intended), placing within the top 10 for the LD Compo was especially surprising considering all of the audio recorded for the game was done by holding a cheap laptop mic up to a dusty, 15-year-old keyboard.

Development for Orbitunes has continued since Ludum Dare wrapped up. Behind the scenes, significant steps has been taken to clean up the horrendous game jam code and turn it into something more extensible. Currently in progress is a re-vamped menu system, including a menu that allows the player to create their own beat patterns to experiment with.

  • Developers: Jared Slawski (Solo Project)

  • Development Period: April 2017 (Weekend game jam)

  • Development Tools: Unity Engine (C#)
About as professional of a sound studio as you could ask for.

About as professional of a sound studio as you could ask for.