Orbitunes is a free-form, physics-based music generation toy.

Launch asteroids around a dense star and put them into orbit. Your space rocks have some unusual reactions to the mysterious star, causing them to glow and emit sound. Experiment with different asteroids and orbit patterns to create your own music!

No actual goal or objective, just slingshot asteroids to your heart's content!

Fun Facts

  • Developed for Ludum Dare 38 Compo, took 7th in Audio and 12th in Innovation (out of over 1100 entries)
  • Ongoing development continuing
  • Original audio samples were captured by holding an old laptop up to an old keyboard and pressing "Record".
  • Developers: Jared Slawski (Solo Project)

  • Development Period: April 2017 (Weekend game jam) - Present

  • Development Tools: Unity Engine (C#)

Game is much better presented through video rather than screenshots, currently. Try it out yourself, too!