Metroid Redux

A reverse-engineered take on the classic NES Metroid! Play what is (hopefully) a virtually indistiguishable rendition of the first 10 minutes of Metroid.

Also includes an original level featuring Samus' ball-dash, a classic ability that never made an appearance in the very first Metroid!

Metroid Redux was a 2-man effort created using Unity for a student project in approximately 3 weeks. Extensive care was put into making everything in the game feel as authentic as possible, from the physics, to the enemy AI, to the music and sounds.

On top of re-creating a classic game as faithfully as possible, the developers also designed a brand new level that was seemlessly woven into the original game's map.

  • Developers: Jared Slawski, Josh Sauter

  • Development Period: January 2015

  • Development Tools: Unity Engine (C#)