Shader Shenanigans

In an effort to diffuse the black magic mysticism that is shaders, various experiments were conducted to dip my toes into the world of manipulating vertices and fragments.

The results include:

  • A spooky cursed television set that glitches and stutters, occasionally revealing an insidious entity behind the screen.

  • A malleable globe that can spin, squish, dissolve, and reveal its wireframe through walls

So far the experiments have been widely regarded (by me, and me alone) as a success.

Techniques Used:

  • Multi-Pass Shaders
  • Multi-Texture Sampling
  • Sinusodial Vertex Manipulation
  • UV Sampling Manipulation
  • Chromatic Abberration
  • Dynamic Emmisive Vertex Lighting
  • Color Channel Consolidation for Texture Metadata
  • Developers: Jared Slawski

  • Development Period: November 2018

  • Development Tools: Unity (ShaderLab)