Fridge Fling

In this physics-based puzzle game, manipulate gravity, angles, and firing power to try and hit targets on the other side of the screen. Choose to launch a baseball, basketball, watermelon, or even a fridge, and discover how your strategy changes! Make physics your partner in crime as you expertly fling your scrap through the skies!

Fridge Fling was developed by a team of four over the course of a single game-jam weekend. The goal of the game jam was to create an educational game for local elementary school children to play.

On top of teaching children some rudimentary projectile physics, the team also hopes that the game is accurate enough to convey the subtle difference between what it's like to launch a baseball into the air compared to a commerical, full-size refrigerator.

  • Developers: Jared Slawski, Annie Bashaw, Josh Visscher, Daniel Ebbutt

  • Development Period: February 2014 (Weekend game jam)

  • Development Tools: GameMaker Studio (GML)