eStranged is a puzzle-platformer where you play as a mysterious lost child who has the ability to possess objects of his choosing. Take advantage of each object's unique properties to traverse obstacles, jump gaps, and squeeze into narrow spaces!

Created in a sparse 48 hours for a game jam, eStranged is the culmination of a team of four's efforts to make a unique puzzle game using the theme "Separation." The resulting fever dream that is the final product took 4th place out of approximately 20 teams.

Despite there being many cryptic messages written on the walls of the levels, and the "suggestion" of a deeper plot, the developers advise to just not think about it. Especially considering the fact that the ending was literally cut with nothing to replace it due to time constraints.

It turns out creating a stable, fun game as well as a unique, interwoven plot is not exactly easy to do over a weekend. Lesson learned.

  • Developers: Jared Slawski, Emily Stearns, Josh Visscher, Alex Kim

  • Development Period: January 2014 (Weekend game jam)

  • Development Tools: GameMaker Studio (GML)