Serial Dater

In this game, just like in real life, dating is HELL.

You've sold your soul to the Devil for one last shot at love. Armed with supernatural date-seeking powers and a ticket to the biggest speed-dating event of the year, you're BOUND to find love!

However, the Devil has his own plans, and purposefully flooded the dating pool with dozens of serial killers! You must use your newfound powers to determine as quickly as possible whether or not your potential suitor wants to date you or stab you in the back. However, the more you use your powers, the more difficult they will become to use, so don't rely on one for too long!

Serial Dater was designed and developed over a single weekend for Ludum Dare 43. It features a random character generator that is capable of generating 8.4 million unique suitors for you to potentially date!

Out of almost 2000 entries, Serial Dater placed 127th overall, and managed to get within the top 100 in the Innovation, Graphics, Humor, and Mood categories, which we are just super duper proud of.

  • Developers: Jared Slawski

  • Artists: Stephen Rudd, Andrew Rudd

  • Development Period: December 2018 (Weekend game jam)

  • Development Tools: Unity, Maya, Photoshop