This is Jared Slawski


The Short Version

  • University of Michigan, Bachelor's in Computer Science, minor in Japanese (2016)

  • Zynga, Software Engineer (2016-Present)

  • Experience with C#, C++, GLSL, PHP, SQL, and more

  • 7 years combined professional and hobbyist game making experience

Flavor Text

Born an raised in the suburban midwest, Jared was a simple kid who spent most of his free time in the basement playing video games and getting scolded by his parents to go outside more.

During his high school years, he decided he wanted play a role in making the kinds of games future introverts like himself would play as children and look back on with great fondness.

This was his prime motivation as he studied Computer Science at the University of Michigan. Like many aspiring game devs, he foolishly assumed that making video games would be just as fun as playing them.

And so began his rapid spiral into madness and obsession.

Today, Jared is graduated and currently employed at Zynga, where he works on the Poker team in San Francisco. However, in his free time he still enjoys making his own games as personal projects.